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About Us

Here at Crane, we put “Design for Better Living” into everything we do. We started with a few designs in 2005 and continued to grow each year, working towards solving your indoor needs. Crane products are designed with efficiency, function, and style in mind. We love to be creative with colors, designs and we know our products will bring comfort and smiles to your home!

Crane humidifiers help add humidity to any room in your home and will help relieve congestion to keep your family healthy. Sometimes you just need a cool breeze, and Crane fans let you direct fresh air into any room you need, whenever you need it. In 2019 we launched our range of advanced rechargable breast pumps which bring new levels of comfort, efficiency, and value to new mothers wishing to express their milk with a whisper-quiet and portable pump. 

We're based in Auckland through our local distributor - Little Bird Brands. We have a headquarters in Itasca, IL (just outside Chicago), with an office in Hong Kong. Crane products are available around the world.

Crane and Sustainability
Crane USA is dedicated to your environment both inside and outside your home. We know that if cleaned and maintained properly, our products last for years helping reduce unnecessary use of resources and emissions making new products. Through various channels, we provide education on how to effectively clean, store, and troubleshoot our products so they get the most use.

Crane: Design for Better Living. 

We also sell replacements of the various parts of our products so you don’t have to buy an entirely new unit if one piece breaks. Crane products are packaged in all recycled cardboard, and manuals are also made from recycled materials with no added finishes or harmful dyes. In 2015, Crane made the switch from packaging our humidifiers in styrofoam to a molded pulp. This alternative provides the same cushioning protection, but is made from all recyclable materials and can be recycled with the rest of your paper products. We advise customers to dispose of non-operating units in an environmentally friendly way by taking them to a public collection point. Broken humidifiers should not be placed with regular household waste.

About Us: About Us
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